Unfortunately, Westley Piddle doesn’t have a cinema, cineplex, or multiplex…only a Muttplex. But it’s showing some great movies….

🐾🐾🐾🐾: as good as it gets on the subject. Drop everything, sniff out, scramble to catch up and ‘watch NOWS’!

🐾🐾🐾: entertaining or informative. Worth putting on your short-watch list.

🐾🐾: Average entertainment, will pass casual viewing time but does not exceed expectations – even modest ones. Ultimately forgettable.

🐾: Seriously! There are many far better movies out there on this subject. Don’t bother unless it’s a rainy afternoon with absolutely nothing better to do.

This week it’s a mixed bag of film and tv at the Muttplex, Westley Piddle.

The Yorkshire Jobcentre (British Channel 4, weekly)


🐾🐾🐾🐾 = as good as it gets on this important subject.  Drop everything, , sniff out, scramble to catch up and ‘watch NOWS’!

Want to know what the real United Kingdom looks like?  Forget David Attenborough, Boris Johnson, Downton Abbey and East Enders: the real UK looks like this!

My take: A candid and compelling glimpse at the real working class world, away from the glamour of ‘down south’.  Many people think they know what it is like to unemployed, unemployable or feeling hopeless.  This series – which could have been helmed by Ken Roach if he had returned to the small screen – is the only reality TV that actually resonates with real people in the real world.  Actually, it’s the only reality tv that’s actually worth watching.  Both depressing/unflinching and hopeful/aspirational in the same frame, Yorkshire Jobcentre highlights what a dire state of affairs the UK is actually living through right nows.  It portrays people who are trying their utmost (and sometimes not) to get on with their lives. If you think you know us and you don’t wish to watch, then you really don’t know us well enough!

Waiting for the Barbarians –  directed by Ciro Guerra (2020)

 🐾🐾🐾= entertaining or informative.  Worth putting on your short-watch list

A magistrate working in a distant outpost begins to question his loyalty to the empire (courtesy IMBd).

My take: We have highlighted a film by this wonderful director beforenows (Embrace of the Serpent, 2015), and this is his first English language flick.  Happily, he has made the transition from South American indie film to North American Hollywood that features a remarkable A’list cast… and still managing to maintain his distinct auteur look and feel to this compelling movie.  Unlike most Hollywood dross currently doing the rounds on pay per view, this film is actually worth watching. It is a slow-burn drama of unique characters facing off against one another set against a ravishingly shot Moroccan landscape.  Based on the JM Coetzee novel of the same name it describes the hopeless and forgotten edges of the colonial world.  Try and find space to catch it if you can.

That’s it for this week.  Hope you’ll all trot round again to the west Pid. Muttplex soon.


  1. Wading through the clutter that is modern television this short series stands out with a clarion cry as to the state of the country. A must watch for all those who care. In its own way, Muttwits is simple parable of the underdogs, the under-represented and those unheard voices in our society 🐾


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