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Names: Blue (left) and May (right) Personality: Blue is the smallest one, she is the sneaky one and talks too much. May is the calm, a little bigger sister. She loves treats and loves sleeping. They have totally different personalities. Even their colors are different. May has darker color than Blue. Blue loves the garden.

A very special guest! Name: Greeno Age: 1 year old Breed: Indian Ringneck Parrot Personality: “I am very cute and I love socializing with people” Greeno’s friend Sara raises parrots and she also does their illustrations!

Name: Marley Age: 10 years Passed away on 13th December, 2019 Personality: Generous, patient, kind..very kind, friendly, will eat anything anytime anywhere.

Name: King Nickname: Kingco Age: 1 and half human years, male Personality: King is the friendliest coolest cat. He has such an amazingly lazy playful nature all wrapped up into one package. Loves to play fetch and follow you around but only pet him when HE’S in the mood. He is a “King” after all.

Name: Scooby Doo  Nickname: Boobs/Scoobster. Age: nearly 7 in human years. Male.   Personality: cheeky/naughty/loves humans/eats anything not nailed down.  Loved by everyone who meets him!

Name: Cozy Breed: Sheltie, 10yo female Personality: she passed away when she was 10 years old. “She was the best dog I have ever seen, calm, friendly and protective. After she passed away I did not replace her with any other dog. My car licence plate is COZY and I have her name tattooed to my arm.”

Foxy sez: Deary me, Checkers would’ve given another pin to meet hers!

Name: Blue Breed: 85% Siamese, 15% domestic short hair, 6yo, female Personality: Very calm but sneaky, talks too much, loves her sister May.

Gitorrf! sez: There’s too many one scratches on this page. One here, one there, one…

Name: Fanfin Breed: Siamese, 8yo, female Personality: former fabric addict, LOVES chicken and her toy hairband. Probably from a royal family, extremely calm, little bit of a germophobe, lives with the illustrator of this book!

Mister Park sez: I say, a well-bred scratch is always most welcome in my houseden!

Name: Toto Breed: Yorkshire Terrier, 12 yo, male Personality: Stubborn, demanding, anti-social, territorial – but underneath loyal, loving and believes the universe is made just for him

Sparky sez: hold on a mo, I thought the universe was made just for me?!

Name: Mişka
Age: 5yo
Personality: She is a curious friend who has a huge heart. She is a great listener and a cuddler. Also, she is a unique dog with an extraordinary ability to eat anything

PD Shadow sez: Hmm, keep yer civvy paws outta my bowl…

Name: unknown (streetlegs) Breed: Akita, 6yo Personality: living in the underground Ankara metro station, around 6 years old, social and close to people, loves sleeping, has many fans he doesn’t even know of

Drizzle sez: If you can sniff yor way to West Pid mayt, yuz can join the pack

Name: Abbas
Breed: Anatolian mixed breed “streetlegs” 9yr male
Personality: “a gentle giant, who loved daisies and head scratches. We still miss you buddy”
Ant sez: as a Kangol myself – yor a tip-top looking muttwit!

Name: Ani
Breed:  English Setter + Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever – cross, 9yrs female
Personality: “the pretty & perfect muse for my hindlegs companions with her own blog at The Small
Dog’s Blog”
Drizzle sez: hello beautiful, wanna trot down to my place, round back of woods?

Name: Coco
Breed: Pekingese, 2yrs female
Personality: ”I like to sleep at 9 pm and I love eating green bell peppers. Oh, I am also quite scared
of blenders.”

Name: Daisy
Breed: Irish Golden Retriever, 7yrs female
Personality: “EXTREMELY emotional. Befriends cows. Loves belly rubs, swimming and squeaky
Spanner sez: who don’t – but I’m gonna take them squeaky toys soon as I eyeballs them

Name: Dusty
Breed: Golden Retriever, 9yrs female
Personality: ”cry if you stopped petting her head, a free spirit, likes hanging out around pubs”.
Henry sez: I lyk the sound of that!

Name: Gri (Eng: Grey)
Breed: Rabbit, 1yr,5 months male
Personality: ”Loves chewing on the toilet paper rolls the most. The two ears never faced the same
direction, ever.”
Nutz sez: I’m tellin’ yers, West Pid’s gone to the rabbits, know wot I mean, bruv?

Name: Köpük (means Bubble in English)
Breed: Domestic cat, 7 months, female
Personality: ”friendly, highly impulsive and not at all lazy – loves playing fetch, hide and seek or any
other possible games that she can run”
Missy Biscuits sez: Better not catch yuz in Herdwick pooping park, know wot I mean mate?

Name: Mocha
Breed: German Shepherd mixed-breed “streetlegs”
Personality: hedonistic! Loves attention at all hours – especially belly-rubs
Boomer sez: Lucky muttwit – I luvs tickles on me belly, too. Trouble is, no hindlegs wanna give me

Name: Ollie (full name: Oliver Cromwell Johnson), known as ‘Ollie’ to his friends.
Breed: Chinese Sharpei, 8yrs male
Personality: “Borderline Autistic, yet very well-behaved – except when chasing Deer and Squirrels,
sniffing or scent marking”
Drizzle sez: Mayt, listen up mayt – if yu don’t lyk doing squirtz then yuz ain’t a proper muttwit!

Name: Rufus
Breed: Shih-tzu, 5yrs male
Personality: “he is a very crazy, funny, excited (at all times), loving, smelly, cute, energetic,
handsome, joyful BFF!”
Tuffy sez: hello mat, erh, fancy some all day brekkers down at Greggs? Erh, yu go snatch it and I’ll
direct ops from here…

Name: Susi
Breed: Domestic cat, Female
Personality: not known but she’s a mother,
Mister Park has definite opinions on scratch : Scratch, another one? AND a mother? Totally
unacceptable in my opinion

Name: Sütlaç (named after Turkish dessert made with milk)
Breed: Domestic cat, 11 months female
Personality: “our daughters’ best friend/source of entertainment, always curious”
Giblets sez: Oi! Who said scratch are allowed on this site? Dog-dammit!

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