Name: Daisy

Breed: Irish Golden Retriever, 7yrs female

Personality: “EXTREMELY emotional. Befriends cows. Loves belly rubs, swimming and squeaky

Spanner sez: who don’t – but I’m gonna take them squeaky toys soon as I eyeballs them

Name: Dusty

Breed: Golden Retriever, 9yrs female

Personality: ”cry if you stopped petting her head, a free spirit, likes hanging out around pubs”.

Henry sez: I lyk the sound of that!

Name: Gri (Eng: Grey)

Breed: Rabbit, 1yr,5 months male

Personality: ”Loves chewing on the toilet paper rolls the most. The two ears never faced the same
direction, ever.”

Nutz sez: I’m tellin’ yers, West Pid’s gone to the rabbits, know wot I mean, bruv?

Name: Köpük (means Bubble in English)

Breed: Domestic cat, 7 months, female

Personality: ”friendly, highly impulsive and not at all lazy – loves playing fetch, hide and seek or any
other possible games that she can run”

Missy Biscuits sez: Better not catch yuz in Herdwick pooping park, know wot I mean mate?

Name: Mocha

Breed: German Shepherd mixed-breed “streetlegs”

Personality: hedonistic! Loves attention at all hours – especially belly-rubs

Boomer sez: Lucky muttwit – I luvs tickles on me belly, too. Trouble is, no hindlegs wanna give me

Name: Ollie (full name: Oliver Cromwell Johnson), known as ‘Ollie’ to his friends.

Breed: Chinese Sharpei, 8yrs male

Personality: “Borderline Autistic, yet very well-behaved – except when chasing Deer and Squirrels,
sniffing or scent marking”

Drizzle sez: Mayt, listen up mayt – if yu don’t lyk doing squirtz then yuz ain’t a proper muttwit!

Name: Rufus

Breed: Shih-tzu, 5yrs male

Personality: “he is a very crazy, funny, excited (at all times), loving, smelly, cute, energetic,
handsome, joyful BFF!”

Tuffy sez: hello mat, erh, fancy some all day brekkers down at Greggs? Erh, yu go snatch it and I’ll
direct ops from here…

Name: Susi

Breed: Domestic cat, Female

Personality: not known but she’s a mother

Mister Park has definite opinions on scratch : Scratch, another one? AND a mother? Totally
unacceptable in my opinion

Name: Sütlaç (named after Turkish dessert made with milk)

Breed: Domestic cat, 11 months female

Personality: “our daughters’ best friend/source of entertainment, always curious”

Giblets sez: Oi! Who said scratch are allowed on this site? Dog-dammit!

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