Name: Cozy

Breed: Sheltie, 10yo female

Personality: she passed away when she was 10 years old. “She was the best dog I have ever seen, calm, friendly and protective. After she passed away I did not replace her with any other dog. My car licence plate is COZY and I have her name tattooed to my arm.”

Foxy sez: Deary me, Checkers would’ve given another pin to meet hers!

Name: Blue

Breed: 85% Siamese, 15% domestic short hair, 6yo, female

Personality: Very calm but sneaky, talks too much, loves her sister May.

Gitorrf! sez: There’s too many one scratches on this page. One here, one there, one…

Name: Fanfin

Breed: Siamese, 8yo, female

Personality: former fabric addict, LOVES chicken and her toy hairband. Probably from a royal family, extremely calm, little bit of a germophobe, lives with the illustrator of this book!

Mister Park sez: I say, a well-bred scratch is always most welcome in my houseden!

Name: Toto

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier, 12 yo, male

Personality: Stubborn, demanding, anti-social, territorial – but underneath loyal, loving and believes the universe is made just for him

Sparky sez: hold on a mo, I thought the universe was made just for me?!

Name: Mişka

Age: 5yo

Personality: She is a curious friend who has a huge heart. She is a great listener and a cuddler. Also, she is a unique dog with an extraordinary ability to eat anything

PD Shadow sez: Hmm, keep yer civvy paws outta my bowl…

Name: unknown (streetlegs)

Breed: Akita, 6yo

Personality: living in the underground Ankara metro station, around 6 years old, social and close to people, loves sleeping, has many fans he doesn’t even know of

Drizzle sez: If you can sniff yor way to West Pid mayt, yuz can join the pack

Name: Abbas

Breed: Anatolian mixed breed “streetlegs” 9yr male

Personality: “a gentle giant, who loved daisies and head scratches. We still miss you buddy”

Ant sez: as a Kangol myself – yor a tip-top looking muttwit!

Name: Ani

Breed:  English Setter + Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever – cross, 9yrs female

Personality: “the pretty & perfect muse for my hindlegs companions with her own blog at The Small
Dog’s Blog”

Drizzle sez: hello beautiful, wanna trot down to my place, round back of woods?

Name: Coco

Breed: Pekingese, 2yrs female

Personality: ”I like to sleep at 9 pm and I love eating green bell peppers. Oh, I am also quite scared
of blenders.”

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