Names: Blue (left) and May (right)

Personality: Blue is the smallest one, she is the sneaky one and talks too much. May is the calm, a little bigger sister. She loves treats and loves sleeping. They have totally different personalities. Even their colors are different. May has darker color than Blue. Blue loves the garden.

A very special guest!

Name: Greeno

Age: 1 year old

Breed: Indian Ringneck Parrot

Personality: “I am very cute and I love socializing with people” Greeno’s friend Sara raises parrots and she also does their illustrations!

Name: Marley

Age: 10 years Passed away on 13th December, 2019

Personality: Generous, patient, kind..very kind, friendly, will eat anything anytime anywhere.

Name: King

Nickname: Kingco

Age: 1 and half human years, male

Personality: King is the friendliest coolest cat. He has such an amazingly lazy playful nature all wrapped up into one package. Loves to play fetch and follow you around but only pet him when HE’S in the mood. He is a “King” after all.

Name: Scooby Doo

Nickname: Boobs/Scoobster.

Age: nearly 7 in human years. Male.

Personality: cheeky/naughty/loves humans/eats anything not nailed down.  Loved by everyone who meets him!

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