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Name: Rosita

Breed: Chihuahua – On July 19 will be 7 years old

Personality: Rosita the Chihuahua is very calm, loving her home, very loving and sweet. She likes to play with her rubber toys. She just wants to eat and eat. But she has a real aversion to two things: cats and horses. Can’t even see a horse on tv !! At home we cannot see the old westerns, it is impossible, without her barking.

Name:  Duke and Digger – the ‘Snowdogs’

Breed: American Bull Terrier, male 2yrs, rehomed,  with Jack Russell Terrier / Chinese Crested mix

Personality: Titchy – the pair of ‘ems!

Name:  Macho

Breed: cross German Shepherd / Rottweiler, age 8yrs

Personality: a big softy who only wanted to put his large head in your lap – until another muttwit or scratch shows up then it’s straight into beserker mode.  Shades of Henry!

Name:  Pickle

Breed:  Staffordshire Terrier, who dissolved into her endless chasing dream at the grand old age of 17

Personality: loved being one of the pack!

Name:  Smidgeon (Smidge)

Breed: Jack Russell / Yorkshire Terrier mix, 1 year old

Personality: misses Pickle tooooo much!

Name:  Ruff

Breed: Jack Russell, male, 11 weeks only

Personality: the boss, knows he’s the boss, don’t take stick from even the biggest muttwits. So, anyone wanna bark disagreements?

Name:  Rogue

Breed: German Shepherd, male 7yrs

Personality: He loves everyone and has a gentle personality, and comes from a long line of champions

Name:  Duke

Breed: Belgian Malinois / German Shepherd mix, male 2yrs

Personality: Rescue dog with a strong, protective and intelligent personality.

Rogue and Duke together – two alpha males living together.  Oh-oh!!

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