Poppet – Afghan Hound

Every dog-eared muttwit with plum bobs attached wants to try his chance at every opportunity. And none of thems are mister right!

Sausage – Dachshund Hound

Wot happens happens a small voice remarks from the corner Who are yu? I’m sausage

PD Shadow – German Shepherd

Wotz unacceptable Shadow shakes his earflaps is how some foreign dog lyk yu gets accepted on the force in the first place.

Sparky – Whippet

I am Fenrir Sparky croaks, chops dry companion of Tyr, Norse god of war So wot! Drizzle cocks his head, ready to lunge.

Treacle – Labrador

Butt-lickin’ muttwits just dont appreciate my responsibilities Treacle is grumbling wotz trotting about squirting and pooping all they wants 

Tuffy (One Ear) – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Poop on the grass or in the road lyk wot civilized fourlegs do he trots into the gutter and lays down a perfectly sensible poop right there and then

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