PD Jax – Belgium Malinois

Police noshtime, init?  looking ‘round abouts all innocent lyk before flopping down for a well-earned bit of plumb-bobs nit picking.

Mayumi – Japanese Spitz

lifts her head towards DaisyZhang and cocks it kitchenside Ayaa, brekkers might be nice, but no butt-lickin’ rush, is there!

Missy Biscuits – Australian Shepherd

Nows then she sez to the little Pomeranian we’re in a bit of a chunder, ain’t we?

Mister Park – Korean Jindo

Coz he’s an excruciatingly well-mannered and disciplined fourlegs. Or maybe it’s coz he’s Korean. Frankly barking – it’s not fair!

Nutz – Jack Russell

Yu got that backflip well dropped, bruv as Nutz runs straight at the Thameslick but get soma this! leaping high into the air.

Paddles – Chow Chow

Don’t interrupt Paddles grunts sharply performing to the pedestrians, init

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