Drizzle – Rhodesian Ridgeback

She’s with me, nows he sez, not giving ground my conquest, that’s fourlegs rules, and yu knows it

PD Duncan – Dobermann Pinscher

A deep growl leave me alone, I’m working.. Working at wot? Working at lunch, init!

Foxy – Pomeranian

About time yu old poop she squeaks, bouncing about all over the furniture can’t hold in this squirtz for much longer 

Giblets – Boxer

Go on, trot off to yer own street, yer fluffy witch bouncing up and down on his back paws

Gunther – Standard Schnauzer

ya! und das ist a Ford Mustang roundlegs the curly grey fourlegs cocks one and spritzens against the hub-cap of the sleeping roundlegs.

Henry – English Mastiff

I lyk the sound of that! Henry appears, crashing down between thems, vast, wet, steaming.

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