Muttwits from A to Z

Bananas – Pug

got an appointment with destiny she races on, leaving the others sniffing at a butt that ain’t there

Boltz – Jack Russell

morning’s for chillin Boltz stretches out front paws not leaping abouts lyk a muttwit

Boomer – German Shepherd

Chewing on toast and baked beans. Not sure about the toast, but thems bake beans work!

Charly – Border Terrier

Nah mate. GitOrrf! wags his toilet brushy tail, the tip bitten off summers ago.

Checkers (ThreeLegs) – Bull Terrier

A squat Bull Terrier lurches forwards on only three paws. Welcome to Freddy’s farm for guests he snarls politely

Donuts – Welsh Terrier

I don’t do stairs! Donuts reminds Wynn, waiting at the lift, giving him the eyeball.

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