Unfortunately, Westley Piddle doesn’t have a cinema, cineplex, or multiplex…only a Muttplex. But it’s showing some great movies…. 🐾🐾🐾🐾: as good as it gets on the subject. Drop everything, sniff out, scramble to catch up and ‘watch NOWS’! 🐾🐾🐾: entertaining or informative. Worth putting on your short-watch list. 🐾🐾: Average entertainment, will pass casual viewing timeContinue reading “MUTTPLEX MOVIE REVIEWS”

A Quick Pint Down the Pig & Ferret

“We don’t normally drink at this pub – bit too loud and, erh, working class for our tastes. Prefer The Greyhound, actually. Sorry, I’m digressing again. Yes, about Mister Park. A very wretched animal altogether, I’m afraid. Well, he’s a Korean Jindo – what is a normally supposed to be a disciplined and clean breed.Continue reading “A Quick Pint Down the Pig & Ferret”


Feeding mat? Symmetrically placed upon floor without wrinkles. Feed bowl? Centered on mat, equidistant to all four edges.  Water bowl?  Brimming with clean water. Mister Park, the Korean Jindo, lives a quiet and fastidious life together with his companions P.Smith packfather and L.Smith packmother.  The companions, referred to by all as Profit&Loss. Both elderly hindlegsContinue reading “DONUTS – PART 2”

A Quick Pint Down the Pig & Ferret

“Of course I’m only busking until I can get back on the stage – or on tv, or into films. So, I was lucky to find that space on The Cut where I can play my accordion, sing Boy George and earn some serious coin. Of course I’m not homeless yer cheeky arse! And paddlesContinue reading “A Quick Pint Down the Pig & Ferret”


Scratch are on the rise.  A nightmarish cross between furry little doggies and sharp-clawed killing machines.  They’re invading Westley Piddle and something’s gotta be done.  Donuts, the rugby-loving Welsh Terrier, decides enough is enough – at the infamous battle of the Tesco Extra 5 bins. ▪ A particularly fresh-sniffing day in Westley Piddle, that inconsequentialContinue reading “DONUTS – PART 1”

Views from Westley Piddle – WEEK #7

What fires up our imaginations to write and draw stories for this dog blog? Everything and anything, really. Read on… A break from the ordinary this week – looking at inspirational people.  Well, inspirational for Zozo&Jools, anyways.  As a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-generational team (Multi-witts!) we are strongly motivated by people who break the moldContinue reading “Views from Westley Piddle – WEEK #7”

A Quick Pint Down the Pig & Ferret

“Over emotional that’s Tony’s trouble, know wot I’m sayin’? That way since Ray left us – leaving me with a broken jaw and deserting his kid to boot. Weren’t just the drink. No work, no prospects, no hope s’pose. Still, Tony missed his dad so much I didn’t know wot to do until I gotContinue reading “A Quick Pint Down the Pig & Ferret”


“webothagreed,mrStevens,nodogsallowed” Revlegs whips off the cover from Halfleg and GitOrrf! Hold on mate, it’s freezing “whaa?” Halfleg slurs “howdid’that’muttgetthere?” “right,that’sit!” Gitorrf! is in the air, being carried straight to the front door by Revlegs.  A moment of déjà vu as he’s slung out on his toilet brush tail into the snowlick.  “thisplaceisonylforthehomeless” I’m with HalflegContinue reading “HENRY – PART 4”

A Quick Pint Down the Pig & Ferret

“Don’t get down to the pub much these days. Well it’s me joints, see? So’s, I get mine at the off license top of the High Street. Wotz that? I’m a bit hard of hearing. Wot? Oh, gin of course. What else would a lady drink!Luckily, it’s me dog wot let’s me get out andContinue reading “A Quick Pint Down the Pig & Ferret”