4th of April is the World Stray Animals day AND Easter (so, happy Easter everyone!). The muttwits team would like to take this chance to talk about our streetlegs friends.

Stray animals exist worldwide, mostly in less developed countries. With the Covid-19 virus becoming an unwelcome part of our households, streetlegs are more lonely than ever. Putting a water and nosh bowl outside your door or making a basic shelter are obviously fine ways of helping them, but surely there are other things they need. Let us know in the comments if you have any other ideas and suggestions that one can easily do:)

One thing I came across on The Kitten Lady’s channel on YouTube is helping cat hoarders. I believe it’s another interesting and good way of contributing to animal welfare because there is a limit to what one person can do. She is very understanding and kind to such people, here is the link to the video if you are interested!

My personal suggestion for finding organizations that offer support for stray animals is to consult the university student communities. They collaborate with other organizations, communities and sometimes even veterinary clinics. Asking them or checking their social media, websites can give you an idea of how and who you can support correctly.

This might be a far-fetched one but since many restaurants and gathering places are mostly closed, stray animals tend to move around the city a lot more, and they are hungry. Some municipalities and shelters work to ensure safety both for the stray animals and people, while some simply don’t care. Informing ourselves on what they do (or don’t do) and working to help them help us (like reporting if there are stray animals that need to be spayed and neutered in an area) is another little way.

As for the Covid-19 virus, there is no concrete evidence that animals can transmit the disease to humans. There are some extremely cruel experiments, conducted in very specific conditions, which showed that cats can catch the virus but it is not lethal or risky for them. Recently I asked our vet about this and they told me that pets can only transmit it if an infected person kissed and cuddled them and then a healthy person did too, but a door knob can do that as well, so it’s best to keep the infected person away from pets and door knobs.

Last but not the least, pet a friendly streetleg when you see one! Then, maybe wash your hands as you would if you touched anything outside. Keep safe, stay healthy!


  1. Lots of rescue dogs from Europe around here in Beetley. Dogs from Romania, Moldova, Croatia, and Serbia. Seems like those East Europeans don’t care too much for the growlers in those countries.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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