Dear readers,

Unfortunately loss is a natural inevitable part of living with our animal friends. As the muttwits team, we would like to share a few things about this because it can be a relief if we share and support each other during such difficult times.

You may remember Gri the rabbit from our Most Wanted page. Very sadly, Gri passed away last week. Although his loss is painful, he had a beautiful family, fun days of running around on the grass and lots of love.

You will always be remembered as the funky eared fluffy rabbit Gri!

Everyone deals with loss differently. Gri’s family decided to send what was left from him to a non-profit group of people rescuing animals such as rabbits, mice and guinea pigs from cosmetic test labs. Helping improve animal welfare is one way of dealing with grief and there is a huge variety of charities, small groups and shelters that you can consult.

Here are a few words from Jools,

“Losing a fourlegs bestie is always a very sad experience.  I originally started the Muttwits stories to overcome the sense of loss of Boomer, my 13yr old German Shepherd.  Made worse because I had to have him euthanized. For the last three years he had been suffering an ear infection that could not be treated by medicines or operation.  As anyone who has experienced an ear infection knows, the pain is intense and unrelenting – imagine what it is like for a dog whose pain threshold is considered to be eight times that of a human! It was literally driving him mad with agony.After every option was exercised and failed I made the cold choice to end his misery in the most humane way possible.  He was put to sleep whilst I held him in my arms, stroking his head and telling how much his human family loved him.  He went into his endless chasing dream, quietly, bravely, and looking into my eyes –  a lustre of absolute trust in his eyes. Yes, it was incredibly painful for me and the family.  Yes, we continue to miss him 18 months later.  But however much we hurt it could never be as much as he was physically hurting, could it? I overcame my sadness at putting my best friend down because I knew his welfare must always come first – and my own emotional wants a very distant second.So my advice for what it’s worth – always put their needs and well-being first, whatever the situation.  They place all their trust in you over many years and it must be repaid by putting their welfare and well-being ahead of your own.  By knowing deep down that I did the right thing – to forget my own selfish interests, to be totally responsible for a precious fellow creature, and firmly put his interests first – always.

Boomer lives on – in the muttwit stories, and forever in our hearts.”

7 thoughts on “THE LOSS OF A FURRY MATE

    1. They always do – but that hole can best be filled with marvelous memories and cherished moments of real love and companionship šŸ¾


    1. Thank you so much. It is always the hardest thing for anyone who enjoys animal companionship – but remembering all the shared love and memories is what gets you thru it šŸ¾

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  1. Thanks mate – been through a tremendous amount with that boy at my side – including the first 6 months living in Oman in a small studio apt. without the family – but Boomer was with me and we got thru it together.


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