Dear packmates,

As the Muttwits Team, we would like to join the October ink drawing challenge, commonly known as INKTOBER. The challenge is to draw one sketch based on that day’s prompt using only ink, which is a risky medium to use. The goal is to create something everyday, improve your ink drawings and be present in a supportive artist community.

The challenge is not limited to illustrators; some musicians, writers, poets or dancers use the prompts to create art in their own ways! People with or without artistic backgrounds can join to have fun trying something new, share the experience and be creative.

The Muttwits Team will be posting a prompt everyday here on the blog, and on our Instagram page. Zozo from the team will be doing a quick sketch based on that day’s prompt word. YOU are also invited to join the challenge!

Do you want to create something, don’t hesitate! If you are not feeling like it, you can get a paw print of your furry best mate (if you haven’t already) using NON-TOXIC ink and send it to us! Send us your creations and we would be very happy to share them with the muttwits community!


  1. I have seen other bloggers doing the full prompt. My drawing skills don’t get past a rather clumsy elephant, so I will leave it to the talented Zozo!
    Best wishes, Pete.


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