A Quick Pint Down the Pig & Ferret

Wot? Big beastie outside? That’s Mucky Ducks, Anatolian Shepherd, init? Nah, she ain’t a Kangol. That’s pure Turkish, init? Mucky Ducks got other breeds in her but most people don’t know that. Same difference really.

Yeah, she’s from our camp just over the bridge, init.

Wot? Nah, she’s a great laugh with other dogs – s’long they give her space and respect the camp’s totally hers. Wot d’yer mean I should keep her chained? Would yuz like to be chained up?

Nah, corss not. Mucky Ducks is a free spirit, erh, lyk wot I am. Thanks for askin’. Same again thankydoos.

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