Today is the International Dog Day. If you love muttwits, why not do the following:

  • Go for a long walk in a new place. Most dogs love exploring new and interesting places with their best friend.
  • Bake a dog friendly treat.
  • Donate to your local animal shelter.
  • Tell your muttwit you love them.

…and if you haven’t got a muttwit then maybe it is time to think about it seriously. Ain’t nothing better!

As the Usual Muttwits team, we would like to take this opportunity to remind people how we can benefit animal welfare. Unfortunately, all our best mates are still being discriminated, abused and left alone. They need our support as much as we need their friendship and love. You can visit our blog post HERE to get more information on charities.

To our followers,

If you have any recommendations, information, etc. regarding this subject please feel free to share them in the comments.

Tell us about how you are enjoying the international muttwits day!

As Zozo and Rufus, we are planing to take a walk on the seaside and sniff out all the pebbles on the shore:)


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