A Quick Pint Down the Pig & Ferret

“Of course I’m only busking until I can get back on the stage – or on tv, or into films. So, I was lucky to find that space on The Cut where I can play my accordion, sing Boy George and earn some serious coin.

Of course I’m not homeless yer cheeky arse! And paddles is great company – for a Chow Chow. So I sprayed him pink to get me some more attention.

That’s show business, right? But he loves it.

Sometimes I think the pedestrians prefer watching Paddles than listening to me and my music. I know, totally ridiculous right?”

13 thoughts on “A Quick Pint Down the Pig & Ferret

    1. I’m not gonna answer that 🙄 but dear Squeezy (that’s Paddle’s hindlegs companion – called ‘squeezy’ coz she squeezes the accordion) has got a very big shock in store for poor Paddles in the very near future – and it comes along all glittery red, white and blue 😵🐾


    1. Actually, dear Paddles is all NEON PINK. I know, I know, I just write this stuff…and not at all emotionally responsible for it 🥱🐾


    1. Ruby, we’re all waiting to hang out with you in Herdwick pooping Park. Trot on over soonest yer lovely muttwit 🐶🐾


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