from Zozo’s sketchbook

A few months ago I got a new sketchbook but I was uninspired for a very long time. So, it took me months to get started. I wanted to share a few of the sketches from it.

This one is Lutart Academie A5 sketchbook (100 gr, soft white paper). The weight is rather low but somehow the paper is resilient and it can withstand a few layers of watercolor. It bleeds through with markers but PERFECT for ink pens and dip pens. The hardcover makes it easy to use on the go and I love the colors this sketchbook comes in. I had a black and a green one before. The price is also quite affordable.

I highly recommend this one for everyday sketching and for a sketchbook that does not overwhelm you (I’m talking about “fear of the blank page”).

Here’s the specimen.

I mentioned how Anna Tsvell’s style highly influences my work and here, I think the eyes are quite similar to how she draws some of her abstract portraits.

This is a drawing I made in memory of Amba. If you haven’t seen Amba’s story you can click here to read about it.

This last one is actually not from this red sketchbook! It’s from the previous green one but I liked it so I decided to include this one as well. This one was from a series I tried to do and I followed a list of uncommon nouns I collected over time. This particular one’s prompt was:

Paroxysm: /ˈparəksɪz(ə)m/

(noun) a sudden attack or outburst of a particular emotion or activity.

I’m currently away from home, hiding from corona virus in a safe place. I have very limited access to a scanner so I took photographs of the pages. Hopefully I will scan the new drawings as soon as possible.

As seen here, most of my sketches are quite eerie looking. The muttwits are obviously affected by my line work but their context alters the way I reflect my style. I am very happy to be working with the muttwits as they offer new challenges to the way I draw.

I struggled to find inspiration while starting this sketchbook but I try to embrace ‘art block’ and get over it before it demolishes my confidence.

How do you cope with being uninspired or unmotivated? I would love to hear other people’s experiences. Leave a comment here and let’s have a chat about it.

Thoughts, comments, concerns? Leave a bark here:

  1. You start forgetting the muttwits mayt….they may have to wake up, scratch a bit, and then trot overs to have…

  2. Glad to hear they are keeping the Alsatian safe! (Sorry for late comment, I had this in a folder so…

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